jung ilhoon
dragon | devil
age: 103 | s/o: nothing
r/s: broken hearted
weapon of destruction
skill: death

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No, no, Ilhoon, you aren’t allowed to ask nor are you allowed to continue down that road. Daehyun was practically sweating when his brother asked him to continue. It wasn’t like he wasn’t allowed to swear in front of Ilhoon but he rather he’d be soft about it than teach unnecessary and improper things to the baby dragon. What was a king who spoke in the language of crudeness and sarcasm? He wanted Ilhoon to become a ruler everyone will look up to and Daehyun wasn’t exactly on that boat to kindness any time soon, so he always did try his best to tone his brash personality down.

"No, don’t mind it," he grumbled under his breath as he stepped over the rocks and climbed over the hill leading to a shortcut through the woods. He was never a stickler to the rules and he wasn’t about to start now either. Ilhoon always followed him, much to his dismay but he supposed he was the brother figure to his younger sibling so there wasn’t much he could do about it. Even he couldn’t change himself (not that he wanted to) so what was the use in trying to tell his brother otherwise? But anyway, back to Ilhoon’s question; why was he looking for Cerberus anyway? Hmm, that was a stupid question but one that made sense to those who were unclear of Daehyun’s intentions. 

"Yeah, but I need him to do something for me today," he continued just as he jumped over the edge of the river and onto the middle rock. The water gushed below him but Daehyun paid no heed to it. "You know the Unknowns?" Did they even exist? Weren’t they a myth? Well, sure, but the fourth world existed so that meant something must’ve resided there too. What was an empty planet for? There must be something on it. “I was thinking of taking Cerberus for a trip down there. You’re not allowed to tell dad, though! Nor are you allowed to come.”

A horrified expression wrote itself onto his features. Ilhoon gasped but quickly held his breath so all that came out was a squeak. It was as if Daehyun had spoke of an ill omen. Travelling to other worlds was already forbidden, going to the fourth world would’ve been breaking every rule in the book! “No, you can’t!” he exclaimed with a worried expression. “Father will be furious!” As much as Ilhoon was curious, he couldn’t just leave the third world! No matter how much Cerberus liked the two of them, surely it wouldn’t let either of them leave? The hound was the gate keeper, after all… Surely he would do his job? At least that was what Ilhoon had hoped.

"Hyung, you can’t leave our world," he pleaded again, but now a little desperate than before. Whenever Daehyun set his mind on something, he always went for it no matter the consequence so that only meant trouble for them. If Daehyun went, then he would go as well. The demon was his only brother, and the only sibling he loved; if anything were to happen to Daehyun, Ilhoon wouldn’t be able to do anything anymore. "And besides, you can’t know for sure what lies out there! What if you get killed? Daehyunnie hyung, I know you’re powerful, all of Hell fears you but what if there’s something even more powerful out there!"

Before Daehyun could go any further, Ilhoon reached over to grab the demon by his arm. “Please, hyung, please don’t go!” Maybe he was a wuss, maybe if he went with Daehyun, both of them would return home safely, but that wasn’t the point right now. Ilhoon was too chicken to leave the safety net of the third dragon’s protection despite being the offspring of one. He didn’t think he could protect Daehyun much less himself. “If something happened to you, I don’t think I’d be able to…”


Honestly, how hard was it to miss a giant canine? The Hellbound was at least the size of their place of residence which overlooked the entire third world. It shouldn’t even be difficult to look for the dog yet both had enough troubles to last them for a while. The young demon shot a glare in his brother’s direction upon hearing about their father’s meeting. Seriously, how was Ilhoon a demon dragon anyway? He was nothing like one; the baby was more a docile kitten than a dragon; Daehyun was almost ashamed that his brother happened to be someone like this; but no, he loved Ilhoon dearly because this was still his baby brother they were talking about. 

"Yah! Don’t say that," he chided and scolded his brother. "It’d be a miracle if dad finally ripped that Angel’s wings off and shoved it up her—" A loud cough was heard as Daehyun quickly caught himself in time. No good swearing in front of the younger; the ears of the innocent was always a hassle to deal with. "In any case, I’d rather a war happen than us sit around and do nothing. Don’t you want see the Angel race fall, Ilhoonie? I think they deserve death. All of them should just die. They’re disgusting."

Brash and straightforward, Daehyun cared little about what he said because it was his honest opinion—he was a demon, after all. He lead the two past a hill behind their looming castle before emerging before an open forest. The little pebbles formed a path for the two as if beckoning them to move on. They were welcoming them with open arms. Straight into the lair of Cerberus, the third dragon’s Hellbound. “All right, he should be in there. Let’s get a move on.”

It wasn’t like Ilhoon despised his power over practically every creature in existence - even his father feared him from time-to-time. The strength of a newborn Dragon was as vile and tedious to deal with as the predecessor but Ilhoon never really thought of himself as anyone of the royal family nor did he consider himself powerful. If anything, Daehyun was the more powerful of the two siblings. His brother was fearless and just plain brilliant; he had the perfect air about him, the perfect future ruler of their precious corrupt world of violence. When Ilhoon ruled, he was going to make Daehyun his right-hand man because he just knew he was useless as the successor. It truly was a shame he couldn’t just pass on the title of heir to his brother…

"Shove it up her…?" he questioned and raised a brow at his brother’s curious words. Daehyun knew so much! He couldn’t even come up to par with the knowledge the elder demon held. But if he had to be honest, Ilhoon didn’t think war was even necessary. Couldn’t they resolve conflict diplomatically? His father was always raging on about war and whatnot and Ilhoon having grown up in that kind of setting was always something that caused him misfortune and sadness. But since Daehyun had the same mindset as his father, he supposed it was true. Anything Daehyun says, goes.

The baby dragon blinked but snapped out of his daze and tailed quickly after his brother. “Wait up! Don’t leave me behind, Daehyunnie hyung!” Once he had caught up to the other, the younger of the two looked up and tilted his head. “Why do you need to find Cerberus anyway? Didn’t you just see him yesterday evening?” 


Daehyun tilted his head and observed the other closely. This was the kid who was going to take over the throne one day; Ilhoon was the next Dragon to guard the third world and that alone was a feat on its own, yet, all Daehyun saw was the pipsqueak who couldn’t even hold his own ground. The young demon sighed and rested a hand on his hip as he wagged a finger at his brother. “Yah, are you going to cry, pabohoonie? Dad’s going to be angry at you if he finds out. C’mon, get up, let’s go find Cerberus,” he scolded before reaching down to pick his little brother up.

No, of course he wasn’t going to cry! He still remembered the last time he did, he got nothing but a beating and placed in solitude for months on the end. Ilhoon swore to the third dragon entity that he’d never do it again. Although it was a little difficult… The muffled up sobs coming from the baby dragon was hard to ignore but he allowed himself to be picked up by his older brother anyway. Daehyun always made everything better despite his harsh words. Cerberus was missing but they would go look for the Hellbound together. And that alone brought a smile midst the room full of tears. “Okay! I think I last saw Cerberus at the gate. He’s guarding today, isn’t he? Father’s meeting the Divine Angel today. I hope his meeting goes well. What do you think they’re going to talk about?” he wondered out loud, face full of curiosities and innocent raves. “I hope nothing bad, I don’t like war.”


"Ilhoon-ah," he calls out for the younger, fingers curling as he beckons for the other to come forth. "Have you seen Cerberus? He's not at home..."

"Hyung—" he began to reply only to end up flat on his face as he tripped over a pebble. The baby Dragon rubbed his nose as he gingerly picked himself up from the ground with tears prickling at the corner of his eyes. Christ, did this really have to happen? And in front of his older brother whom he admired so much? "N-No, I haven’t seen Cerberus…" The younger of the two sniffed and fought back tears that were threatening to fall. He wasn’t a wuss, he could take it, just like his father!



Yet the countless of times Ilhoon had the chance to, he didn’t. Daehyun didn’t think he could harm the young dragon either, given the chance. “You can’t kill me, Ilhoon,” he whispered sadly. “Just like how I can’t hurt you either.”

Maybe he did have a little trouble shoving that knife deep into the demon’s beating heart, to finish what he had started long ago, but it was something he thought he could overcome eventually as the days flew by. Was it fear of losing his blood brother? His only family left? Ilhoon couldn’t tell but whatever it was, it was keeping Daehyun alive. “Don’t flatter yourself, demon; I can kill you any day. You’re not special, not anymore.”


He couldn’t console the baby dragon in the way that’ll make him feel better because Chanhee knew nothing would make him better until he had his lover back in his arms but he still tried his best. The vocalist pulled back and reached up on his tippy-toes to ruffle the dragon’s messy locks. Nothing was worse than losing a loved one; and although Chanhee couldn’t exactly understand how that felt, he felt the pain Ilhoon felt as a friend. 

"Like I said, don’t worry; it’s not going to get you anywhere if you do. I’m sure Other Chanhee’s fine. And besides, if something happened to him, you’d know, right?"

Because a Fallen and their Other were connected, after all.

Ilhoon scoffed bitterly over the answer. It wasn’t like he was mocking Chanhee but rather because he knew getting to Fallen Chanhee was practically impossible. They weren’t exactly on the right page at least not to the Fallens. Fine, Ilhoon could easily take down the group of misfits but he knew the consequences of unexplained actions; Fallen Chanhee was kind, he wouldn’t let Ilhoon wreck havoc on his friends and hurting Fallen Chanhee was definitely out of the question. It wasn’t just the history the two shared together along with the combat angel but because hurting the Fallen meant hurting the Other too.

"That damn death seer and his little friends keep meddling in my affairs, my Channie aside, I don’t even know how Fallen Chanhee is."

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